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Employee Training that meets


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We partner with companies to identify appropriate solutions for the most effective approach to learning and learning technology. We are not a product provider, and do not work for any vendor. We provide expertise of the industry and source solutions to help your team manage their day-to-day responsibilities. Our HR consulting services include product selection and system implementation of HCM products, employee development and delivery, and learning administration services in which we can manage and administer your learning tasks if so desired. Best of all we have a genuine passion for this area as we are L&D and HR practitioners.

We are your HR Consulting partners for navigating the [learning] cloud.

Employee Development

Your employees and your organization are one of-a-kind, so why shouldn’t their learning solutions be too? We are on your team for worry-free custom training development for Employees, frontline Supervisors and Managers, and Executives.

System Implementation

Our expertise in talent management products is your peace of mind for managing all phases of your HCM product selection and system implementation -- from requirements gathering  to negotiation to implementation to post-implementation support.

Shared Services

Save time and people resources with MyProxy, our shared services offering. We manage the day-to-day learning administration function on your behalf, manage your HCM product enhancements and upgrades just to name a few of our services. We do the work for you.