Got HR Issues? We have Solutions.

Blue Skies Performance Solutions was born out of a passion to help organizations become successful in their approach to how they train and develop their employees. The human capital management landscape can be daunting — and training technology is a significant investment. Both represent overwhelming HR issues organizations face today

With countless options available, many companies realize too late that the systems and solutions in place just don't meet their needs, which often results in unnecessary HR issues. In fact, nearly 7 in 10 companies implement a learning approach or select a learning technology solution and then realize it was the wrong choice for company culture, their employees, or their training needs. Does your organization suffer from these HR issues? We guide you towards developing your workforce with the right HR solution, the first time, and bring it to life with success. 

Your HR Issue

Our HR Solution

Has your organization or key team members never selected and implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) or other HCM product (e.g. Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management Succession, Compensation, or Social Collaboration)? 

Product Selection and System Implementation

HCM/Talent Management initiative - Our experts manage the requirements gathering, RFP, vendor scorecard analysis, contract negotiation, system configuration, implementation, training, organizational communication & change management process

Feeling lost on the use of your LMS and need additional, one-on-one or small group training? Just hired a new Administrator and need to quickly bring him/her up to speed? 

Shared Services

Our LMS product trainers have worked in many of the mid-tier LMS products and all of the top-tier LMS products. We provide customized training to Administrators which allows for a custom training package  instead of paying the product vendor exorbitant fees to offer basic training that is not specific to your system configuration and organizational needs.

Do you have a HCM product but feel you're not getting the full value out of the product, not optimizing it, or questioning the need for the product? 

Product Health/Optimization Review

We conduct a full product review which includes comparing and contrasting current state business technology needs with system functionality and scalability. We make recommendations for optimizing the use of the product or replacing the product. Our Consultants also provide guidance on

  • resource alignment and (re)defining roles where appropriate;
  • developing a governance structure and committee for managing releases, upgrades, security roles, and support; and
  • inclusion of other business arease for enterprise-wide use of the system.

Are you having a difficult time filling and retaining someone in the learning administrator function?

Shared Services

In those cases in which companies do not have a learning organization, we become your Training Development/Learning team. Some of the administration and support services include:

  • System configuration
  • Overrall/day-to-day administration
  • Generating system reports
  • Introduction of new functionality & features per upgrades
  • Deliver product training and updating Admin and User documentation

Is your Employee Development Department overwhelmed? 

Employee Development

Although the company has a T&D, OD, or Learning team they are often actively engaged in managing and supporting existing initiatives so there is little to no time available to implement new programs, or review and measure effectiveness of existing programs.

A Blue Skies Employee Development Consultant can assist with:  

  • Developing a competency-based development architecture (individual contributors, supervisors/managers, and leaders);
  • Developing learning programs/curricula for specific audiences (i.e. mentoring, continuous improvement/best practices, succession, leadership, management) to include program design & development and vetting vendors/partners;
  • Implementing or modifiying the approach to Employee Engagement & Motivation;
  • Introducing new and relevant learning technologies (i.e. gamification, mobile, offline viewing of courses, responder technology, social/collaboration, etc.) in the organization.

Do you have a team to develop training programs and eLearning courses?

Online Course Design

Our Instructional Designers are specialists in understanding adult learning theory. They can recommend the best authoring tool for the requested course design projet, and are experienced in various authoring tools. Point our Instructional Designers to your subject matter experts (SMEs) and leave the rest to us.