Shared Services    

Shared Services  

​​​​​​​ Save precious time and talent resources with, our shared services offering. Don't get left left behind with the rapid expansion of specialized learning technology needs. Choose our shared services offering as the practical solution for the common need to control costs, welcome growth, and improve satisfaction in today's competitive work environment.

Shared Services Planning

Employee Onboarding

Some organizations prefer a classroom based training approach to employee onboarding, some favor online learning, while others prefer on-the-job training. But without a successful onboarding experience your employee turnover will always remain high. Let us develop a tried and true approach to employee onboarding that increase performance, productivity, and engagement in your workforce.

Compliance Training & System Administration

Employee events such as transfers, onboarding, or employee development vary greatly by employee role, or location, making difficult for organizations to streamline and standardize global processes but comply with local requirements. When legal requirements or organizational policy changes, Blue Skies Performance Solutions has you covered. With our ability to standardize and track compliance requirements we're able to provide seamless support for your LMS and prevent compliance headaches. For your Learning Management System product needs, our team of system administrators are equipped to handle catalog management, roster management, compliance tracking, system administration and reporting. We have a services plan to support your end users, subAdministrators, and Business Partners use of the LMS.

LMS Licensing

For small organizations a learning management system that meets all your training and tracking needs that doesn’t break the budget can be hard to come by. Or perhaps your company doesn’t require a full-blown learning management system but you need to roll out a few compliance or job-specific online training courses quickly. We have the perfect solution. Our shared LMS Licensing allows you to get those courses out to your employees seamlessly. You can track and report on training results, or we can fully administer and manage the system on your behalf.

System Upgrade Support

Our clients save precious time and people resources with our Shared Services offering. As an outsourced extension of your company, our Shared Services team coordinates and administers your product enhancements and upgrades too;  tackling everything from testing and rollout to new feature implementation and training. We also manage the vendor relationships for your SaaS products and third-party training programs.